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Single-stage granulator is a type of double-stage mother-and-child granulator. It has the characteristics of simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and high cost performance. It is mainly suitable for raw material extrusion granulation with clean or single raw material, stable components, less water content and impurities, and no need for secondary plasticization and multiple exhaust and filtration. It is often used in modified granulation, clean plastic recycling or corner material recycling. Single-screw granulator can be divided into single-screw single-machine granulator and twin-screw single-machine granulator according to the different forms of core components (screw drum and screw). According to the needs of different users, screw can be designed and assembled for different purposes and types, such as single-exhaust/vacuum exhaust/double-exhaust or non-exhaust/mixing extrusion, or different configurations can be selected according to the actual situation of users, such as electric network change, quantitative feeding, precise temperature control, and combination with different supporting equipment to form a production line that can meet various requirements (such as drawing water). Cold-cut/water-ring-cut/hot-cut air-cooled granulation, etc. Single-machine granulator can be used to process powder, powder, particle or mixture of sheet material. From the aspect of raw material category, it can be used for drawing water-cooled granulation processing of hard plastics such as PP PE ABS PS PC PU PPR POM PMMA PVC, or as the main machine of hot-cut air-cooled granulator, water-ring granulator and underwater granulator.

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