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Product introduction

  The PETFlake Cleaner line designed by Zhangjiagang Redstar Machinery CO.,LTD. is a recycling equipment specially for sorting, delisting, crushing, cleaning, dehydration and drying waste PET mineral water bottles, cola bottles and other (polyester) plastics. This machine is a new generation of high-efficiency and water-saving equipment developed through repeated experiments of scientific research departments. Its features are as follows:appearance: Exquisite, low energy consumption, high output, practical and reliable. The new rinsing device can be washed with breakage, greatly improving the production efficiency, and cleaning materials clean, to meet the requirements of the first-class cleaning tablets. The quality of bottles cleaned by our company's production equipment is similar to that of new materials. It can be directly POY filaments, staple fibers, bottle blanks, PET packing tapes, sheets and other high-grade products without additional processing. It can also clean ABS, PVC and other plastic that can sink in water. The whole assembly line has a high degree of automation. In the production process, only 3-5 operators are needed. The output is 300-5000kg/h (which can also be designed according to user's requirements). After cleaning, the water content of bottle label paper and bottle flake is less than 1%. It can save a lot of energy consumption and ensure the quality of bottles. The main assembly lines are: conveyor belt, off-label machine, sorting table, crusher, hot water steamer, screw hoist, high-speed friction cleaning machine, single (double) screw rinser, centrifugal dehydrator, cyclone bin, electronic control cabinet and so on. The production line is used for the recovery of PET bottles. It has the functions of crushing PET bottles, cleaning impurities and drying bottles. According to the different standards of PET bottle manufacture, the contamination degree of bottles and the production requirements of customers, we can formulate a series of corresponding solutions. Waste PET bottle recycling and cleaning line usually contains the following equipment:
Open the Charter machine - break up the compacted PET bottles.
Disk sorter - removing stones, small pieces of metal and caps that may have fallen off.

Artificial Selection Platform - Artificial Selection of Colorless PET Bottles.

Metal Detector - Detecting Metals Possible in Materials.

Pre-washer - Remove part of the sediment and the remaining liquid in the bottle, rub and rub the label to make it fall off.

Crusher 1 (with feeding device) - Crushing PET bottles with water
1 - Conveying and cleaning
Crusher 2 - further crushing PET bottles with water to smaller sizes
Spiral Cleaner 2 - Conveying and Cleaning
Centrifugal Dehydrator 1 - Clean and Dry PET Bottles
* Type Z sorting system 1 - Remove some labels
High Temperature Boiler - Clean PET bottles at high temperatures, clean oil and glue from bottle flakes
Washing sedimentation tank (determine the number of equipment according to production requirements) - Remove caps and labels and clean PET bottles
Centrifugal Dehydrator 2 - Clean and Dry PET Bottles
* Type Z sorting system 2 - Remove possible remaining labels
- Bagging system
Control box

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