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Double Water Sycle Granulator

Product introduction

The equipment for recycling and granulating waste plastics is mainly composed of conveyor belt, compacting bin, single screw extruder, hydraulic die mesh changer, cooling water tank, granulator, air supply bin, control box, etc.

The characteristics of the whole production line of waste plastics (plastic film for domestic waste) cleaning, granulation and recycling are as follows:

1. The whole production line has a high degree of automation. It is a fully automated production line. As long as some people add waste plastics in front and some people directly produce granular products in the back, the direct transformation from waste plastics to granular products is realized.

2. On the basis of German equipment drawings, the whole production line has been continuously improved and improved, with reasonable design, beautiful appearance and durability. The contact parts with materials are made of stainless steel.

3. The particles produced are of high quality, without bubbles and full and round.

4. The shape of the particles is cylindrical, and the size and thickness of the particles can be adjusted.

5. The forcible feeding device, main machine and granulator of granulating mitochondria are all controlled by frequency converter.

6. The granulator screw and barrel are made of 38CrMoAl. The surface is nitrided and hardened, and the service life is very long.

7. The granulation mitral gearbox is cooled by hard gear surface oil. The weight of the gearbox is reduced by half compared with the soft gear box. The wear resistance of the gearbox is improved by 3-4 times, and the load-carrying capacity is increased by 8-10 times.

8. After cooling, the granulating mitochondria are cut directly, and then sent into the storage bin by the fan, so that the problem of wire breakage will not occur.

9. There are drains and vacuum pumps on the barrel of granulator to drain and exhaust to ensure the quality of particles.

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