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As for hard Plastic Washer, its raw materials mainly refer to all kinds of vacuum forming products, and it is also one of the most important applications of cleaning and recycling manufacturers in investment returns and recycling results. For PE, it mainly includes milk bottles, food packaging boxes, detergent daily chemical bottles, edible oil drums and oil bottles, while the cap and ring of PET bottles are also PE materials. In the Hard Material Recycling Unit, the REDSTAR  Machinery Cleaning Equipment in Zhangjiagang can handle plastic products including PP/PE bottles, packages, pipes and other shapes. Its main components are pre-cleaning, crushing, hot cleaning, sorting, dehydration, drying and other steps. After that, it can be directly transmitted to the granulation system of the REDSTAR Machinery in Zhangjiagang for recycling. We can provide you with the overall production solutions, and provide the corresponding supporting services. Let you buy at ease, use at ease.

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