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High Speed Friction Machine

Product introduction

High-speed and strong friction cleaner is an upgraded product of traditional medium and low-speed stirring cage cleaner. It is specially designed for the characteristics of soft plastics such as large moisture content, high impurity content, strong stickiness, easy crimping and wrapping. The high-speed strong friction cleaning machine has high-speed waterproof rotating shaft, strong compound cleaning blade, and special-shaped cleaning chamber. It also has a closed intake and drainage system and a composite sandwich isolation structure. The broken plastic sheet enters the bin of the high-speed strong friction cleaning machine. Under the action of screw pushing force and self-suction force, the material dehydrates and runs to the compound under the condition of high-speed overturning. Under the action of co-conveying force and reverse resistance of composite blade, suction at discharge end and new supplementary hydraulic force, the material can be fully developed and repeatedly frictioned, and finally run to the discharge port where the material is thrown out. High-speed and strong friction cleaning machine is widely similar to large-scale professional plastic recycling and recycling plant. It is the core equipment to improve the cleaning quality and speed by series combination with large crusher or full-automatic rinsing machine.

Because of its high-speed, high-power and high-load operation, the machine has stricter requirements in waterproof performance, dynamic balance, structural strength, sound insulation and noise reduction, and safety factor.

Main parameters of high-speed strong friction cleaner: 400-500; motor: 15KW-30KW; speed: 1200-1500r/min

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