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Lower moisture, higher capacity Plastic squeeze dryer is a vital part of plastic film washing line.Washed agricultural films or plastic films retain up to 30% wetness normally.High humidity will be affecting the efficiency and production of the following pelletizing process. Having a plastic squeeze dryer is a must to dehydrate the washed film, reduce the volume of recycled materialsand further refine the essence of final plastic pellets. Agricultural film or plastic film recycled material usually retains 30% or more of moisture after washing process. With such high moisture content during the plastic recycling process, it would become inefficient and difficult to granulate with poor quality.In order to improve the quality and efficiency of granulation, plastic dehydration is indeed an important technology. REDSTAR machinery has many years of experience in the design and development of plastic recycling machinery. We recently launched the RSD-300 screw press dryer has been acclaimed all over the world. The RSD-300 output capacity is 450 ~ 600kg/hr, after practical test, the actual moisture content is in between of 1% to 3%.In response to customer demand for high capacity, GENIUS machinery has developed a new model of RSD-350 screw press dryer, with screw diameter of 350mm, the capacity can be reached from 700 up to 900 kg/hr, and the moisture content is in between of 1% to 3%. The RSD-350 screw press dryer is equipped with high-torque gear box; equipped to withstand more torque and thrust of the thrust bearing, enable to improve the life of the machine. Configuring 175HP motor, the power systems can improve the efficiency of the motor and thus improve productivity and to save energy.The RSD-series of screw press dryer, its whole screw is made of Japanese steel SACM440 with entire processing and heat treatment, it have high wear resistance and fatigue strength, nor ordinary welding screws.RSD-Series can provide you with varying capacity needs.

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