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The pelletizer is based on the principle of multi-knife rapid comminution, continuous stirring, mixing friction heating, rapid cooling and contraction. It can make waste materials such as plastic film, silk, ribbon, sheet and corner materials into granules, which is convenient for re-mixing into new materials. This machine has automatic water filling, constant temperature device, automatic feeding, automatic application, free hands, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The pelletizer is powered by three-phase asynchronous motor and driven by triangular belt. The rotary shear is formed between the movable knife on the tightening moving cutter disc and the fixed knife on the pot body. The thermoplastic film placed in the pot body can be broken repeatedly. At the same time, due to the high-speed rotation of the rotary cutter, the broken plastic sheet can form an eddy current state under the action of centrifugal force. The frictional heat between the materials and the wall of the pan is used to make the material slightly plasticized, and then water is added to make the cold mass of the material granulate.

After the waste material is put into the machine pot, the material is quickly crushed into pieces by the shearing action of the rotating blade and the fixed blade. The crushed material or pieces flow along the wall of the pot under the centrifugal force of the rotary cutter disc. At the same time, the material is turned up and down under the action of sizing, and moves from all around to the center of the pot body. Because of the friction between the material itself and the pot at high speed, the crushed material moves up and down to the centre of the pot. The friction between the wall and the blade produces a large amount of friction heat, which makes the material temperature rise rapidly to semi-plasticized state and adheres to each other into small pieces. Before the material is about to be caked, all the pre-prepared quantitative water is sprayed into the material. When the cold water meets the hot material, it gasifies rapidly and takes away the surface heat of the material, so that the material surface is cooled sharply to prevent caking, and then it is rotated by the blade and fixed knife. The crushing action between edges makes it cut into particles (irregular size particles). In the crushing process, appropriate pigments can also be added as needed for coloring.

Plastic pelletizer can crush and granulate all kinds of thermoplastic film directly by using the principle of friction heat generation. It is an ideal and fast plastic auxiliary machine to turn waste plastic into treasure. Your demand is our foundation. We hope to cooperate with you to create a better tomorrow hand in hand.

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